Another Gorean Combat Meter Update & Replace – 4.64

It always seems once an update is release, the modification soon follows. Gorean Meter (GM) HUD 4.63 was released yesterday followed today by… you guessed it 4.64. If you didn’t automatically get the update, we have placed out the new dispenser in the OOC Room. Click the dispenser object and a new set should be sent to you within one minute.

You can update the inventory items quickly by using the feature [Replace Links]. Find the “old” item, right click on it and then choose [Replace Links]. It will appear in a pop-up window in the “Old:” field, then simply drag the “New” item into the bottom field to replace and update. Click start and watch the magic begin.

Once you have the new item added to your avatar, you can change the title by typing [/12 meter label (your name)] in local chat. Happy inventory cleaning everyone! * Special Note: If you are like me and have one of those fun ASCII titles, a quick trick to update it. I put it in my profile under the NOTES tab so I can grab it (copy/paste) and use it when this situation happens.

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