Titus Joins Varn

Logged in today and was met with a few IM’s about a position that was accepted. Titus (Robert Stoanes) has accepted the post as the Head of the Warrior Caste. This is very exciting news as he will bring a great passion to this role. Lets hear it for the new Commander… hip hip hooray – hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

Of the appointment here is what Kreg Ember (Kreg Skytower) announced; “It is my DISTINCT pleasure to announce an old friend who has joined Varn as our Scarlet Caste Commander… the one and only… TITUS!!!!!

We are very happy and fortunate to have this loyal friend join our beautiful city! So be sure to give him a hearty ‘TAL!’ when you see him and give him any help he needs as he settles into his new home!

Long Live Varn!”

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