Varn Gazette – AUGUST 2017

Master Ember and Kreg Ember Renew Vows of First Companionship

On Sunday August 6th, guests gathered to witness the renewal of vows first made by Kreg and Ember three years ago. The weather was perfect, the Memorial Park in Varn was decorated beautifully and the ambience was celebratory. With the scribe Thormec Micheline officiating, the couple declared their intention, said words of love and commitment, shared salt, bread and wine. Just before the scribe pronounced their vows renewed, their boy, bandit with the help of his brother Viktor Sandman (ViktorSandman Resident), surprised the couple with a song. It was Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing covered by Matt Boyd. A reception followed with champagne, cake and music by Marc Partridge. All had a good time.

Ember to Kreg; It was three years ago at the stroke of midnight… high atop a Ferris wheel… that I asked you to be my companion after four years of sharing our lives. You said yes after the shock had subsided. Now it is three years later, two cities, a few scary moments, and countless adventures, we survived to stand here together once again to commit to one more year of this ride together we call Second Life. So through sickness and health we conquered it all … together. No one but you knows the depths of my feelings or how important you are to me. That is between two companions. I am proud and happy to recommit today to venture on together… thru it all … whatever comes our way… I know our love will withstand it all.

Kreg Ember to Ember; Three years and we are still together, handsome! This is a rare accomplishment, and something to be very proud of! As much as I try not to be a pain in your neck, I know I fail miserably at times, but your forgiveness knows no bounds, and for that, I am truly grateful. We have woven a wonderful tapestry of our time together so far… joyous times and sad times… time together and time apart… friends gained and friends lost. Through it all you have remained my rock and my foundation, my joy and my love, and I sincerely thank you for letting me be at your side and allowing me to love you and support you in all you do. Nothing makes me happier than to see you happy, and I vow again this day to do all I can to keep bringing you as much happiness as you have brought me. Let us continue weaving our rich and beautiful tapestry together as we venture forth into this Gorean world of mysteries and wonders!

Bleeding of the Home Stone

Varn will hold ceremonies to induct new citizens into the brotherhood of the city on September 15th. These ceremonies are referred to as “Bleeding the Home Stone.” To bleed the Home Stone means that you, as a Master, have chosen to take up residence in the city of Varn. This is a sacred event and is not to be undertaken lightly. To commit to a Home Stone has great relevance for it means that you would lay your life on the line to defend the city and that you pledge absolute loyalty to it. When you swear with your blood to the Home Stone of Varn, you commit to the city and to your brothers within it. Each citizen who participates in the ceremony has proclaimed to the Administrator his desire to belong to the city of Varn and swear allegiance to its Home Stone.

For the ceremony, the Home Stone is moved from the Temple to the Great Hall in the palace. It is a solemn yet joyous event. All are invited to witness. The candidates stand before the Home Stone. In response to words of the Administrator, they agree to proceed. The Administrator gives each candidate a ceremonial dagger, and the candidate cuts the palm of his shield hand. He holds his hand over the stone and squeezes a few drops of blood onto it while declaring their devotion and allegiance to the city. Their pact with the Home Stone is sealed with this blood oath. When all candidates have bled onto the home stone, the Administrator declares them citizens of the city of Varn. They turn to the community, salute to those gathered as witnesses and declare, “Ta Sardar Gor” which translated into earth English means “To the Priest-Kings of Gor.”

Then the feast and festivities begin and continue through the night. The new brothers are warmly welcomed. The paga flows freely while slaves serve, dance and entertain. The bonds of goodwill are renewed and strengthened.

Many of Varn’s events can be found on our calendar page listed above or directly at the Google calendar page @ .

The Gay Gor Pride Festival

It was a fun and action-packed weekend for the Gay Gor Pride Festival from Friday, July 28th through the 30th. Phoenix Shalon (PHOENIX0866 Resident) was one of the main organizers along with several citizens of Varn. There were archery and sword competitions, a fashion show and a fashion competition, dances, and to top it all off, a nude Master and nude slave contests. The festivities was kicked off to a rockin’ start Friday night with the stylings of DJ Marc Partridge and then to a roof raising ending Sunday evening with those of DJ Viktor Sandman.  A huge thank you to Gorean Whip Radio especially Jay Sparrowtree, their hosts and hostesses who jammed at several of the daily dance events.

The winners of the competitions were:

For Archery: Sponsored by Golden Waters

  • Prinz
  • Ann
  • Kreg

For Sword: Sponsored by the Oasis of Two Scimitars

  • Aaron Kukulcan
  • Prinz
  • Ron Andretti

For Best Ensemble Outfit: Sponsored by Belleza

  • Bastion
  • RA Deemster
  • Titus

For Best Nude Master: Sponsored by the City of Central Kasra
and Feral Woods

  • Josh
  • Cern
  • Fumio

For Best Nude Slave: Sponsored by the City of Central Kasra
and Feral Woods

  • Loren Xevion
  • bandit
  • Faramir1990

Bianca Xavorin – Gedenspire (Bianca Xavorin) donated a photo shoot to the winners of each competitions.  As well as a drawling in the market area where such vendors as Lo Kajirus Designs, Lost Gems and others showed off their goods. City displays were housed about the baths as 8 other cities displayed items and gave out information on their cities. There was even an art gallery exhibition hosted by Altros in the palace courtyard.

Wednesday Nite OOC Dances Continue

REƵ SŦARFALL™ (DJReZ Cyberstar) and PJ SŦARFALL™ (PrinceJeffery Resident) stir things up a notch for the Wednesday Nite OOC Dance once again. Each week a new theme is announced and the citizens and friends party mid-week from 6 to 8 PM SLT. If you haven’t been to one, you are missing a great time. The next couple of themes are “Back 2 sChOOL” followed by “Glam Cock.” Check out the link for FaceBook to see the events and hit that GOING button. PARTY INVITE LINK, .

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