The city is a-buzz with excitement as word has gotten out that Merchant Cern (Cernunnost Resident) has made an arrangement with Commander Titus to provide a fleet of 10 fast ships to transport 80 tons of wine grapes to the drought ridden city of Ar.

Varnians are excited at the news and preparing for the influx of ships, crews and visitors during all the hustle and bustle. The market vendors are adding stock to their stalls, the Tavern Keep is making sure he has enough drink for all and the Inn Keeper is putting slaves to work in preparing extra food and preparing every nook and cranny to house travelers.  The Slaver is getting his strongest beast’s organized for the heavy lifting and his finest servers ready to meet any desires of the free.  The warriors are preparing for round the clock protection.

This is time for all of the people of Varn to shine and show what we already know to be true.  There is no where in all of Gor such as Varn!  ((have fun! scene ends Friday, 9/22))

Commander Titus (Robert Stoanes)

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