CITY OF VARN – G&S Warehouse Goods

In an order to keep the flow of G&S products as realistic to how a city might run we have developed this plan. All G&S products will be grown or raised by the city. All castes that wish to create products from the G&S raw materials will be able to draw upon the goods we raise and breed from the warehouse.

For example, if you want to make iron. You can ask one of the Trusted Warehouse Slaves (as denoted by a special arm band) to collect the goods needed and deliver them to you.

All citizens of Varn can use the fermenters of the city. No resident should be running their own G&S equipment. All citizens work for the city and may use what they create from the Varn warehouse stock to increase role play though trade and negotiations.

We want to encourage trade as an integral part of our role play building efforts. Therefore, if you need anything please contact me and I will do my best to provide for you what you may need.

It is our hope that this will avoid wasted prims by everyone having equipment in their domiciles or on sky platforms, which are not allowed without permission of the OOC council.

Thank you,
Master Ember
The City of Varn – OOC Council

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