Attention all free men of Gor. On Monday night the city of Varn will be holding a blood auction. The auction is to win the right to open the virgin boy kessell (Kessell Ronin).

The auction is open to all men of Gor so come one come all.

Below is the notice and rules.

Hope to see you there,
Master Ember
Head Slaver of Varn
Bond (32,149,21)


Slave to be auctioned – kessell (Kessell Ronin)

A Blood Auction is a public event… usually held in the tavern. A slave is bid on for the right to be the first to open the slave. Once opened the slave is passed around to the crowd to enjoy the freshly opened boy.

The rules of the blood auction are simple. The slave will be brought into the tavern. The boy will be presented naked and dance. Interested free may bid

 Rules of the bid

1) All bids will be blind. Each interested man will pass a notecard to Master Ember with their bid on it. The person with the highest bid wins. BIDS MUST BE REALISTIC Do not bid 1000 gold pieces.

2) The slave is to be opened in the tavern or in the tavern alcoves. They are not to be taken elsewhere. This is not an auction to get a slave for the night.

3) Be it known, the slave is not available to be sold. Here in Varn, when someone is interested in an available slave the slave will be set out for auction so that all members of the city know that the boy is up to be sold and all have a chance to win the bid.

The event is to be a drunken fun time. So please come and enjoy the Varn Blood Auction. The drink will be on the Master Ember.

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