Skirmish In Varn

Bandits CaptureDay 1 Passage Hand 1 year 10169 Contasta Ar  Ahn 0 Ehn 20 Ihn 68

Sailed into the Port of Varn and stepped off my ship to find an unknown man unconscious docks.  A scarlet whom I had never seen before was observed scurrying about.  I later learned he is named Dark.  Proceeding up the steps I encountered Jasmine who had been wounded and she informed me that the Adriel of Kageyama had returned to the city and taken bandit away.  In addition to bandit, Gaius of the red caste had also been downed and they were attempting to take him as well but failed.


Recoreded and noted,
Cernunnost, Scibe/Merchant, City of Varn

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