Bandits’ Return

Day 1 Passage Hand 1 year 10169 Contasta Ar

Sailed into the Port of Varn just prior to the little moon reaching it’s zenith in the night sky and stepped off the ship.

Standing on the docks was Adriel of Kagemaya along with Bandit who was leashed and kneeling at his feet.  Before a single word could be said a second ship arrived and Jasmine who jumped from the ships main deck and onto the docks.  Adriel was greeted coldly in a manner in a manner giving him no rank or honor beyond that of a hostile peasant.

When Adriel was asked why he was in the city with the boy he stated he had brought him back to return him safely, after stating the lad had been very informative.

Bandit was sent inside the city for his own safety while Jasmine and I remained on the dock with Adriel and slew of insults and threats were exchanged.  With little moon now dipping in the western night sky, middle moon at it’s zenith and big moon visible to the east I had endured enough of him and informed Jasmine we were going into the city and left the sleen standing on the docks screaming and wanting tea delivered.  None of the beasts who had gathered inside the safety of the main gates were in range to hear his request and none served him and would have been forbid to had they known of it.

Recoreded and noted,
Cernunnost, Scibe/Merchant, City of Varn


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