Passing of a Dancer (RL) – Hoshi

My fine dancer – Hoshi Tamura – passed away in RL on Wednesday, May 16th 2018 at 6:18AM Tokyo time.  I extend my sympathies to her many friends and sisters.

To me, Hoshi represented a creative rebel.  Her fire was demonstrated with grace and manners.

I remember the first time I met her – at a dance performance of course.   I was struck to learn she could not hear, so I told her the story of Beethoven – a deaf music composer of some note.

I remember her steps and verses from Teehra, Gorean Campus, Callera, Gorean Dance Oasis, and the many cities in which she performed.  Time with people in many worlds can be more fleeting than we wish or expect.   It was my great honor to encourage her unique art of dance.  I consider her the founder of a novel ‘faction’ of dance – poetry.

I spoke with her much as she prepared for “Design and Dance” 2014 and learned she would spend nearly 200 hours to prepare a dance.  I watched her practice, and know this is close to the mark. Though I marvelled at her writing, I was struck by her spunk and determination.  Though deaf, she would match music to her dance by ‘Feeling’ the beat on a table surface.

I am thankful I tried to live the lesson I learned from Hoshi – treat all as a fleeting blessing in your life.

My wish has been to capture as much of Hoshi’s art as possible – but it may be impossible to put such a outspoken and copious artist in a notecard.

I will leave you with two of Hoshi’s many dances.

Expo at Cartius – – Don’t fear the Reaper
Fire Tavern Dance –

Grateful to all…Koardan, Gorean Dance Oasis and Callera



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