Intruder Downed by Mistress Jasmine

Gaius Maximus Venandi (kindheart1444 Resident): shakes his head “I shall accept your confession. And since you have confessed to the act I see no need for a trial in this matter. I shall sentence you to 5 lashes from the whip and 2 days as a slave. I hand him over to you now slaver.”

Jasmine (bloodwolfe1996 Resident): Wait!!!!, only TWO days and FIVE lashes!!!!

Joe Cock (gzuzen Resident): … goes on massaging his bulge, feeling his dick swelling below his leather trousers in silence, all his focus now on the head of bandit’s dick under silks.

Jasmine (bloodwolfe1996 Resident): This man barged into my apartment, and started stripping!!! I don’t think tea is what he wanted!!!

Hallas (Votaur Resident): *blushes*

Snapshot _ Varn - Your Next Gorean Home, Bond (64, 6, 24) - Adu

[Who said role play is dead… come for a visit, stay in the jail naked for free!]

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