Kajuralia Events of Varn – 2019

Things will be heating up on March 31st in the great city of Varn

Mud Wrestling (9 AM to 10 AM) Market Square

Round robin event. One-on-One wrestling matches in the main market square till there is one winner.

Strip Archery Contest (11 AM to Noon) Outdoor Arena / Warriors Hall

Two at a time step up and try their luck at the moving targets. Winner strips loser.

Potato Sack Races (1:30 PM to 2:30 PM) Upper City Gardens

Grab a sack and see who comes out on top. Race around the outlined course.

Freepersons Pole Dance Contest (3 PM to 5 PM) Grand Stage

Hosted by Jawahir of WHIP Radio

Two round competition. Round One – Freestyle, Round Two – Top Two Showdown

Larma & Waterballoon Fight (5PM to 6 PM) Entire City

Free for all, run fast and throw hard.

Closing OOC Dance Party (6 PM to 8 PM) OOC Party SkyDome

Hosted by Jawahir of WHIP Radio

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