Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (Note from Gortuga)

A huge  storm  tears through the Thassa and lands on the port of Gortuga.  Destruction is inevitable as many try and flee on ships. Many don’t make it and are lost among the debris.  As ships return and clean up starts the town crier writes a scroll and has tarn messengers deliver it to cities that can assist with medical personnel, and  search and rescue. scroll dropped to Ambassador and Administrator.
(please see attached nc if interested in joining in the cross sim rp.  many Scimitarians are trapped.)

Gortuga was hit by a bad storm that has destroyed the port (We moved to a full sim).  The town crier shouts out the news of the day throughout the port letting all  residents know of the going ons.  The last message is as follows:

The last Criers reports:
Hear Yee Hear Yee!” bawls the town crier. “Still some folks missing from the storm. Council a Captains ask anyone as able to keep a look out on the beaches, cliffs and caves, for missing folks. Not all the ships are in yet and accounted for. Keep your ears open for any search and rescue efforts as they be mounted. Hear Yee Hear Yee!…” the town crier saunters on repeating his cry and looking more then a bit tiddly as he staggers down the street after a night of relieved carousing in the tavern, the crier brandishes a bit of a scroll and calls out, “Hear Yee Hear Yeee, hic! Missing people reported lesh see here, roight! Ahh the ladies Keira and Chloe, and the mens and slaves, Davor, Daegan, Athils, Baran Jie, Radek,  and Atticus oh and Fabi Fabiano Dar…” Peers again at the scroll. “I think thats it… let me know if theres more… be on the look out for em… hic!”
A scroll is being sent out to all cities near and far with emergency personnel available.  There are many missing and injured.  All who wish to rp assisting the injured, helping find the lost, or rebuilding the port  our search and rescue rp will be during these times:
Friday February 21, 2020 5pm sl – 9 pm sl
Saturday February 22, 2020  9am sl to 1 pm sl
Sunday February 22, 2020 2pm sl to ??
Monday February 23, 2020   OOC dance 6pm slt

Come have some fun.

Captain Turner (City of Gortuga)

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