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New Gorean Pleasure City

Friend of Varn, Adriel Cade recently open a new spot it is built upon the theme of Gorean Pleasures called The Isle of Tamani. We dropped by recently to take a look around. The build has several areas centered by a night club dance cave. Kennels, scenic vista’s, and other sections abound this beautiful new Gorean land.

The parcel details states; “A large Gorean port for pleasure and business for merchants, traders, shady characters, and free. A large pleasure club, baths, inn and more to see and enjoy.”

Adriel Cage New Place IIInside the club area near the main dance floor, bandit, Kreg, Cade, Ardiel and Ember.

Visit the Isle of Tamani: Second Life Map

Embassy of Farad in Varn Established!

Tal Everyone!

It is my great honor to announce the establishment of the new Embassy of Farad in the great City of Varn! I have this day decreed that the current residence of Lord Minus, Pasha of Farad, at No. 9 is henceforth also known as the Embassy of Farad, and as such becomes the soil of Farad. The business of Farad is allowed in the embassy while still adhering to the laws of Varn. Thanks go to Sir Kip and Sir Cazael for their smooth negotiations.

Long Live Varn!
Kreg Ember
Varn Administrator

Free Women of Varn

Tal, Everyone!

In our desire to keep the free women of Varn safe and uncompromised, I strongly recommend they do not frequent the Bruised Bottom Tavern, except for extraordinary circumstances. The Inn is a much more hospitable establishment for our esteemed free women. I expect any free men that visit the Inn to maintain their manners and decorum. Men can relax and enjoy themselves any way they wish in the tavern, but they will be respectful and behaved in the Inn.


Kreg Ember
Varn Administrator


Love In The Air In Varn

Two Ceremonies coming up in Varn

July 6th finds Gaius and Brandon doing their Free Companionship
Time: 8 PM SLT
Place: the Cove in Varn

and then

August 5th Kreg and Ember doing their Renewal Ceremony
Time: 7 PM SLT
Place: South East Activity Area of Varn


Check out the calendar of events for more details.