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Have You Wanted To Learn How To Fight?


Now is a GOOD TIME! The city and our ally, Oasis Of The Two Scimitars is starting Battle Training and have invited the citizens of Varn to participate.

Saturday at 12 Noon, and weekly Sundays thereafter.

Master Ramblaze said “The first class will be basics: meters, gestures, settings where to get FREE weapons! Using the battle tools built into the viewer   Next week we will move to Bows.”

Everyone is welcome, New or veterans, Free or Slave. For more information contact Ramblaze Ducrot (ramblaze) in world.

Aria Continent Regulations Violations Reminder

Be it known that Varn as part of Aria continent has four (4) main regulations:

1) A common set of basic rules for roleplay.
2) Gorean Meter (GM) only.
3) Landscaping rule of continuous base of terrain and vegetation across all lands.
4) Use of G&S for RP items with selected monopolies on certain items.

Please use restraint and continue to follow the guidelines.

Varn Under Construction?

Tal, Everyone!

We are looking at some ideas of changing the west harbor of Varn. So please be patient when you see life-sized blue prints laying around as we ponder some designs to improve the Varn harbor and market. ((the boat landing is practically on the sim border causing crashes, so we’d like to move the landing farther inland and avoid drowning our friends and visitors arriving by boat! haha))

We know that some citizens may have on-going or active roleplays in the construction zones. If you have any questions please let us know. You may reach out to the following individuals; Kreg Ember (kreg.skytower), Master Ember, Rhalur var Kharis (targus.zulaman) and Hisense Criss with any concerns.

Long Live Varn!

Kreg Ember
Varn Administrator

What Happens @ Kajuralia, Stays @ Kajuralia

This year’s event was a HUGE success, 3 words WOW, WOW and WOW… The event went into overdrive early on and fun was rampant. I laughed so hard my sides were hurting in RL. I want to thank everyone that made it happen and all the great cities that participated. I can not thank you all enough! Over 20,000 L$’s were awarded over the 6 events that made the day a resounding “must do next year.”

Thank You go out to all the citizens of; Mountain View Acers, Aria Songs Isle, Northern Lights Bay, Varn, Oasis of the Two Scimitars, Port Nor, Oasis Red Rock, Casmu Red Savage, Village of Curra, Pandemonium, and Valkyrie Forest. Special thank you to Tamiron Landar of Tamiron Forge, Jeremy Silverpath of Varn, Jawahir (jay.sparrowtree) of Gorean Whip Radio, and Belinha ”’SunLaLuna”’ (belinha5114) of Varn.

A collection of photos can be seen at the Bruised Bottom Tavern in Varn. Be sure to stop by. You know it was a good party when you CRASH the sim.

Kajuralia Events of Varn – 2019

Things will be heating up on March 31st in the great city of Varn

Mud Wrestling (9 AM to 10 AM) Market Square

Round robin event. One-on-One wrestling matches in the main market square till there is one winner.

Strip Archery Contest (11 AM to Noon) Outdoor Arena / Warriors Hall

Two at a time step up and try their luck at the moving targets. Winner strips loser.

Potato Sack Races (1:30 PM to 2:30 PM) Upper City Gardens

Grab a sack and see who comes out on top. Race around the outlined course.

Freepersons Pole Dance Contest (3 PM to 5 PM) Grand Stage

Hosted by Jawahir of WHIP Radio

Two round competition. Round One – Freestyle, Round Two – Top Two Showdown

Larma & Waterballoon Fight (5PM to 6 PM) Entire City

Free for all, run fast and throw hard.

Closing OOC Dance Party (6 PM to 8 PM) OOC Party SkyDome

Hosted by Jawahir of WHIP Radio

En’Kara Schedule @ Oasis Of Two Scimitars

On the Vernal Equinox which marks the first day of the New Year in most Gorean cities, there is great rejoicing; the doorways are painted green, and there is song on the bridges, games, contests, visiting of friends and much feasting, which lasts for the first ten days of the first month, thereby doubling the period taken in the Waiting Hand.
Assassin of Gor Book 5 Page 78

*Times subject to change.

March 22nd (Fri) – New Years Day, the 1st Day of En’Kara, 10,170 Contasta Ar.
Time 7 am PDT/SL: The Administrator greets the sun.
All Day: Presentation by Heads of Caste of tools of their trade at the Home Stone
Noon PDT/SL: Burning of the brak bush RP. Temple Square
12:30 pm PDT/SL: En’Kara Service – Temple of the Priest Kings – Blessed Zor
7 pm PDT/SL: Burning of the brak bush RP. Temple Square
7:30 pm PDT/SL: En’Kara Service – Temple of the Priest Kings – Blessed Zor

MARCH 23rd (Sat) – BARREL RACING – Noon PDT/SL – High Caste District, outside the arena.

MARCH 24th (Sun) – SLAVE BALL – Noon PDT/SL – Arena

MARCH 25th (Mon) – INNER TUBE RACE Noon and 7 pm PDT/SL – Scimitar Farming Village

MARCH 26th (Tues) – BLUE FLAME RACE – Noon and 7 pm PDT/SL – Outside the Temple of the Priest Kings

MARCH 27th (Wed) – GOREAN SCHOLARSHIP TOURNAMENT (Gorean Trivia Team contest) brought to you by the Caste of Scribes – Noon and 7 pm PDT/SL – Arena

MARCH 28th (Thur) – CHARIOT RACES – Noon and 7 pm PDT/SL – Outside gate near the salt mine entrance

MARCH 29th (Fri) – KAIILA RACES – Noon and 7 pm PDT/SL – Venue TBA

MARCH 30th (Sat) – FASHION SHOW – Noon PDT/SL – Merchant Square

“The great bars suspended about the walls of the city then ring out for more than an Ahn with their din, and the doors of the city burst open and the people crowd out onto the bridges, clad in the splendor of their finest, singing and laughing.”

MARCH 31st (Sun) – OST HUNT – Noon PDT/SL – Outside gate near the mine entrance

All contests carry prize money, donated by the generous and influential men and women of the Merchant Caste and trade castes as follows:
1st Place – 1 gold (L$1,000)
2nd Place – 1 silver (L$500)
3rd Place – 1 copper (L$100)

Except team competitions, for which one winner will be declared and the prize money split among the team members.

*See the “Social Links” for the SURL to Oasis Of Two Scimitars