Intruder Downed by Mistress Jasmine

Gaius Maximus Venandi (kindheart1444 Resident): shakes his head “I shall accept your confession. And since you have confessed to the act I see no need for a trial in this matter. I shall sentence you to 5 lashes from the whip and 2 days as a slave. I hand him over to you now slaver.”

Jasmine (bloodwolfe1996 Resident): Wait!!!!, only TWO days and FIVE lashes!!!!

Joe Cock (gzuzen Resident): … goes on massaging his bulge, feeling his dick swelling below his leather trousers in silence, all his focus now on the head of bandit’s dick under silks.

Jasmine (bloodwolfe1996 Resident): This man barged into my apartment, and started stripping!!! I don’t think tea is what he wanted!!!

Hallas (Votaur Resident): *blushes*

Snapshot _ Varn - Your Next Gorean Home, Bond (64, 6, 24) - Adu

[Who said role play is dead… come for a visit, stay in the jail naked for free!]

New Green in the House


It is with great honor to personally welcome Master Tully as our newest Green. Tully has studied hard over the last years and Varn is fortunate to have such a talented and competent Green! Please congratulate Green Tully when you see him around Varn.

Commander Titus