Pit Fights in City of Two Scimitars

pit fights

Join the fun and excitement starting at 10 AM SLT


Two Scimitars Pit Fights

The warriors and slaves of Two Scimitars present the finest and most pleasing “Fighting Slaves” Gamling, refreshment and revelry for you enjoyment. A/all are welcomed.



RETSU’s Fantasy Magic Show in Pandemonium

RersuWHEN: Today 1pm SLT
WHERE: Hell’s Circle @ Pandemonium


This event happens only once a month. If you have attended his Fantasy Show before, you definitely know how amazing the show was! Now, this is another chance to see it.

Join us this afternoon and see something that will make your fantasy life extraordinary!

Phallus Incognito Art Show in Varn

Phallus Incognito, a retrospect of those male parts that you may have or may not have been seen in the open throughout the city. Free, slaves and allies of the city have posed “au naturel” and gallery viewers are encouraged to guess whos is whos. Twenty paintings adorn the walls of the gallery.

This interactive collection has “hints” in each painting to help the viewer along the path of discovery. After the shock and aww of looking at all the cocks wears off is when the detective work begins.

Ballots are available on the table near the entrance along with some treats. The citizens of Varn welcome everyone to come and enjoy this exhibition. SURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/CITY%20OF%20VARN/8/96/22