Monthly Tuna Fishing Tournament Begins

In the lower dorm docks the G&S Tuna Tournament has been set up. TPers have been put into place to help facilitate this. They go from the Landing Docks, Lower Dorm area and the OOC Dance venue. Please welcome those coming to fish and try not to attack or kill them. The tournament will last for 3 days and any area where open waters are may be fished, i.e. the Lower Docks, The Cove, The Alcove Swimming area. Good luck to all and most importantly – have fun!!!

Varn Fishing

Tape Whaaaaa?

The OOC Dance last Wednesday was a blast. Duct Tape was the theme and oie what a sticky silver mess with tons of laughs were had. The next dances theme will be Halos and Hand Grenades. Stop by for all the fun from 6 to 8 PM SLT in the city of Varn.

Full set can be seen in the OOC Room in Varn or on FLICKR



Administrator of the Two Scimitars Kidnapped

Word reached the City of Varn moments ago from the Slave known as chaz tox that the Admin of the Scimitars was kidnapped and being held at Kagemaya.  This shocking news was just confirmed by James Darkmoore of the Scimitar warriors.  Additional warrants have been issued for the capture of Adril by the Two Scimitars,  James said if Adril survives them, they will extradite him to Varn

Scribe/Merchant, City of Varn