Phallus Incognito Art Show in Varn

Phallus Incognito, a retrospect of those male parts that you may have or may not have been seen in the open throughout the city. Free, slaves and allies of the city have posed “au naturel” and gallery viewers are encouraged to guess whos is whos. Twenty paintings adorn the walls of the gallery.

This interactive collection has “hints” in each painting to help the viewer along the path of discovery. After the shock and aww of looking at all the cocks wears off is when the detective work begins.

Ballots are available on the table near the entrance along with some treats. The citizens of Varn welcome everyone to come and enjoy this exhibition. SURL:

exhibit coming soon…

bandit is working on an art project to display erotic art of Gor. The exhibition will also have a ballot box and submission one as well. This exhibit will be more then just viewing. Further detail coming soon or tickle bandit in-world and he may tell you a bit more.

Pirates of The Thassa

The NICE Theater Troupe of our ally, Oasis of Two Scimitars, is presenting a production of “Pirates of The Thassa” next Sunday, August 25 at 1:00 pm SLT.   Let us return the support that Scimitar faithfully shows us and attend this cultural event in their beautiful desert city. 

We will work on reserving a ship headed to the continent and then a caravan across the desert.  Dress coolly…the desert is hot!

Long Live Varn and our Allies!

Kreg Ember, Varn Administrator

Varn Opens New Art Gallery

From: Varn Land Group, Kreg Skytower

Tal, Everyone!

I have opened the new Varn Art Gallery and invite everyone to come and see my first exhibit, “Tabor in Winter”!  The gallery is overlooking the lagoon near the Thassa Sea.  For any old timers of the old glorious city of Tabor I think you will enjoy a trip down memory lane with these paintings of the Tabor lands blanketed in beautiful snow! 

I will be rotating the exhibits periodically so let me know if you or anyone wants to have a showing.

Long Live Varn!

Kreg Ember, Varn Administrator