Monthly Tuna Fishing Tournament Begins

In the lower dorm docks the G&S Tuna Tournament has been set up. TPers have been put into place to help facilitate this. They go from the Landing Docks, Lower Dorm area and the OOC Dance venue. Please welcome those coming to fish and try not to attack or kill them. The tournament will last for 3 days and any area where open waters are may be fished, i.e. the Lower Docks, The Cove, The Alcove Swimming area. Good luck to all and most importantly – have fun!!!

Varn Fishing

Administrator of the Two Scimitars Kidnapped

Word reached the City of Varn moments ago from the Slave known as chaz tox that the Admin of the Scimitars was kidnapped and being held at Kagemaya.  This shocking news was just confirmed by James Darkmoore of the Scimitar warriors.  Additional warrants have been issued for the capture of Adril by the Two Scimitars,  James said if Adril survives them, they will extradite him to Varn

Scribe/Merchant, City of Varn

Two New Warriors In Varn

Announcements and Orders from Commander Titus
Greetings Citizens,

— It is my pleasure to announce the swearing in of two new Warriors to the city.  Warrior Gaius Venandi and Warrior James Justin, please give them a warm welcome when you see them on patrol.
— Security Alert – Be on the look out for one called Adri, he is wanted for crimes against the city and I have issued an arrest warrant.
— All slaves are to remain inside of gates and to follow all entry protocols strictly!

Honor and Steal,
Commander Titus

Free Quality Weapons

Snapshot_001Yup you heard that right, Ancient Builds Inc. has set up a 19 “lucky chair” area with all types of weapons. They change about every 20 minutes or so and the huge gray sign above is convenient to join the group to participate. Swords, daggers, bow and even Hand to Hand combat are up for grabs. So if your interested in getting into fighting role play here is the place to visit to start your collection of weapons.


tell them bandit from Varn sent ya =P

Bandits’ Return

Day 1 Passage Hand 1 year 10169 Contasta Ar

Sailed into the Port of Varn just prior to the little moon reaching it’s zenith in the night sky and stepped off the ship.

Standing on the docks was Adriel of Kagemaya along with Bandit who was leashed and kneeling at his feet.  Before a single word could be said a second ship arrived and Jasmine who jumped from the ships main deck and onto the docks.  Adriel was greeted coldly in a manner in a manner giving him no rank or honor beyond that of a hostile peasant.

When Adriel was asked why he was in the city with the boy he stated he had brought him back to return him safely, after stating the lad had been very informative.

Bandit was sent inside the city for his own safety while Jasmine and I remained on the dock with Adriel and slew of insults and threats were exchanged.  With little moon now dipping in the western night sky, middle moon at it’s zenith and big moon visible to the east I had endured enough of him and informed Jasmine we were going into the city and left the sleen standing on the docks screaming and wanting tea delivered.  None of the beasts who had gathered inside the safety of the main gates were in range to hear his request and none served him and would have been forbid to had they known of it.

Recoreded and noted,
Cernunnost, Scibe/Merchant, City of Varn


Skirmish In Varn

Bandits CaptureDay 1 Passage Hand 1 year 10169 Contasta Ar  Ahn 0 Ehn 20 Ihn 68

Sailed into the Port of Varn and stepped off my ship to find an unknown man unconscious docks.  A scarlet whom I had never seen before was observed scurrying about.  I later learned he is named Dark.  Proceeding up the steps I encountered Jasmine who had been wounded and she informed me that the Adriel of Kageyama had returned to the city and taken bandit away.  In addition to bandit, Gaius of the red caste had also been downed and they were attempting to take him as well but failed.


Recoreded and noted,
Cernunnost, Scibe/Merchant, City of Varn