Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (Note from Gortuga)

A huge  storm  tears through the Thassa and lands on the port of Gortuga.  Destruction is inevitable as many try and flee on ships. Many don’t make it and are lost among the debris.  As ships return and clean up starts the town crier writes a scroll and has tarn messengers deliver it to cities that can assist with medical personnel, and  search and rescue. scroll dropped to Ambassador and Administrator.
(please see attached nc if interested in joining in the cross sim rp.  many Scimitarians are trapped.)

Gortuga was hit by a bad storm that has destroyed the port (We moved to a full sim).  The town crier shouts out the news of the day throughout the port letting all  residents know of the going ons.  The last message is as follows:

The last Criers reports:
Hear Yee Hear Yee!” bawls the town crier. “Still some folks missing from the storm. Council a Captains ask anyone as able to keep a look out on the beaches, cliffs and caves, for missing folks. Not all the ships are in yet and accounted for. Keep your ears open for any search and rescue efforts as they be mounted. Hear Yee Hear Yee!…” the town crier saunters on repeating his cry and looking more then a bit tiddly as he staggers down the street after a night of relieved carousing in the tavern, the crier brandishes a bit of a scroll and calls out, “Hear Yee Hear Yeee, hic! Missing people reported lesh see here, roight! Ahh the ladies Keira and Chloe, and the mens and slaves, Davor, Daegan, Athils, Baran Jie, Radek,  and Atticus oh and Fabi Fabiano Dar…” Peers again at the scroll. “I think thats it… let me know if theres more… be on the look out for em… hic!”
A scroll is being sent out to all cities near and far with emergency personnel available.  There are many missing and injured.  All who wish to rp assisting the injured, helping find the lost, or rebuilding the port  our search and rescue rp will be during these times:
Friday February 21, 2020 5pm sl – 9 pm sl
Saturday February 22, 2020  9am sl to 1 pm sl
Sunday February 22, 2020 2pm sl to ??
Monday February 23, 2020   OOC dance 6pm slt

Come have some fun.

Captain Turner (City of Gortuga)

Tales of the Drunken Blacksmith

El Distructo awakes with a super hangover, his body half in bed, half on the floor. The first thing he remembers was the sexy slave dancing in the Tavern. He grunts and groans, trying to get himself fully in bed and tries to remember the events of the night before. “Dylan, Adriel” he mumbles, remember following them to the Tavern. He took a drink or two or three; next thing he remembers is stumbling out the tavern bidding farewell to the Embers. Pain and bruises. “I need a physician!” he mumbles, passing out again.

New Units Open

The area above the cove has seen some construction. Not only has the farm been updated with a new stall, but Ceb has torn down a wall and made a seedy Paga Den for citizens to explore. Other pani-gorean mix building has been erected as well with three units to rent. This new bluff area for residents is being called Sakura Bluffs. The units have a patio that look down into the cove and across Aria Song Iles. Stop by and take a gander for yourself and drop by the Paga Den.

Sakura Bluffs in Varn

Varn Opens New Art Gallery

From: Varn Land Group, Kreg Skytower

Tal, Everyone!

I have opened the new Varn Art Gallery and invite everyone to come and see my first exhibit, “Tabor in Winter”!  The gallery is overlooking the lagoon near the Thassa Sea.  For any old timers of the old glorious city of Tabor I think you will enjoy a trip down memory lane with these paintings of the Tabor lands blanketed in beautiful snow! 

I will be rotating the exhibits periodically so let me know if you or anyone wants to have a showing.

Long Live Varn!

Kreg Ember, Varn Administrator


Aria Continent Regulations Violations Reminder

Be it known that Varn as part of Aria continent has four (4) main regulations:

1) A common set of basic rules for roleplay.
2) Gorean Meter (GM) only.
3) Landscaping rule of continuous base of terrain and vegetation across all lands.
4) Use of G&S for RP items with selected monopolies on certain items.

Please use restraint and continue to follow the guidelines.

Varn Under Construction?

Tal, Everyone!

We are looking at some ideas of changing the west harbor of Varn. So please be patient when you see life-sized blue prints laying around as we ponder some designs to improve the Varn harbor and market. ((the boat landing is practically on the sim border causing crashes, so we’d like to move the landing farther inland and avoid drowning our friends and visitors arriving by boat! haha))

We know that some citizens may have on-going or active roleplays in the construction zones. If you have any questions please let us know. You may reach out to the following individuals; Kreg Ember (kreg.skytower), Master Ember, Rhalur var Kharis (targus.zulaman) and Hisense Criss with any concerns.

Long Live Varn!

Kreg Ember
Varn Administrator