Varn City Kennel Grows

Some new stock has been taken in recently. Please greet them and welcome them to their new home. They are here to serve the city
Theo (Aarruunne Resident)
Kessell (Kessell Ronin)

Master Ember
Head Slaver of Varn

Regarding Mac Zaurak…

Tal Varnians!

I have finally found MacZaurak (macgreenstone) in the central tavern of the city, together with Hetalia and the good beast toma.

Despites his turbulent past, MacZaurak is now a free citizen and must be treated as such.

He is considering to join our city and trade within as a member of the glorious caste of the merchants. So, do not hesitate to welcome him as he deserves!

Safe travels,
The Slaver

Beast Has Escaped

Tal citizens!

The Merchant Kernu (Cernunnost) has reported a beast called MacZaurak (macgreenstone) trying to pass himself off as a member of the Green Caste, in our city.

The boy is already branded so seems to be a runway. If any of you see it, please inform me or the Head Slaver Ember about its whereabouts. It might be violent though, so be prudent with it.

Wishing you all well,

The Slaver


OOC Dance FEB 14th – Blanc & Red Theme

Blanc and Red Ad Size

Tether hearts come to play feasting on the eye candy, staying for the fun, music and good friends. This Wednesdays theme is Blanc & Red, buck naked valentines. Hot music from the DJ sure to set some hearts on fire. See you here from 6 to 8 PM SLT.