We Want RP, We Want RP…

I am concerned by the growing lack of engagement in Varn. I have been told in private that some are thinking of going elsewhere in Gor. (sad face).
How do we solve this? Well we are here to RP are we not? If you have an idea for a RP situation, please put it in a note card and send it to me.
Big or small, no idea is stupid!
Please be detailed as possible. Need help with it? Talk to someone and develop it! Find a buddy!

Commander, Adjunct Physician, Chief Morale Officer

The Red Caste Needs YOU!

Are you wandering around aimlessly wanting to engage? Do you sometimes wonder if there is a purpose to all of this? Are you looking for a role in Varn? Know of a friend looking for a Homestone?

Then look no further! The Red Caste is recruiting warriors of honor to serve our city.

Are you aware that crime is on the rise in Varn? The Red Caste needs YOU! Interests and inquiries are welcome!

Connor DeSade,
Varn Commander


Side Gates Left Opened

    Someone left the side gates open and several animals from the woods have made their way into the city. Animals that are use to being in the forest are considered dangerous within the city walls. Keep your peepers open and should you encounter one of the beasts, you should take every precaution to not startle it. Weapons can be use to take them down. The Butcher will gladly take the carcass off your hands.