New Green in the House


It is with great honor to personally welcome Master Tully as our newest Green. Tully has studied hard over the last years and Varn is fortunate to have such a talented and competent Green! Please congratulate Green Tully when you see him around Varn.

Commander Titus


Huge Fire in Varn

Tavern Burns_001The Bruised Bottom Tavern is no more. Early in the morning the other day it seems someone set it on fire in a selfish credulous act. It amazes me just how much people like to destroy beautiful things that others enjoy.

Tavern Burns_002

The smoldering ruins sent the burnt smell throughout the lower city. The fire was aided by all the liquored that was present in the tavern. Several citizens tried to tame the flames to no avail. The magistrate stated that the Inn would be the temporary station for those looking for a refreshing beverage while the city decides if the tavern will ever be rebuilt. Rumors fly about the city on speculation of whom might have carried out such a immature juvenile deed.


Slumber Party Photos UP….

PJ Party OOC Dance (25)

All the photos can be viewed on the FLICKR account. The feathers were flying and music provided by Gorean Whip Radio and DJ Jay way just so awesome I think we broken most the springs on the bed jumping around. As always half time disrobing was a site to behold when garter belts and jock straps went soaring. The next party’s’ theme will be Arabian Nights, 6 to 8 PM SLT only in the city of Varn.