Ember and Kreg’s 7th FC Renewal!

Ember and Kreg’s 7th FC Renewal!
Mon, Jul 05 2021 8:19:21 AM PDT

Tal, Everyone!

Ember and Kreg are having their 7th Free Companionship Renewal Ceremony on Sunday, July 18 at 7:00 SLT! It will be held in the park next to the Varn Inn and everyone is welcome. So, spread the news to all your friends and family so everyone can have an excuse to go shopping for a new outfit!

This will be the 7 year itch, so come and help us celebrate with good vibes to make it through the year alive! See you in 2 weeks!

Kreg Ember
Varn Administrator

Holiday Hot List

So many things have been happening in Varn and the Aria Reborn collective. If you have not visited recently, stop by. Ton of new faces and the old ones as well.

Currently Mountain View Acres is under reconstruction adding a market area, Kurii den and warrior practice fields.

Staff Departures

from т α м ι я υ ѕ (pj.rage)

Greens of Varn

Upon assuming the role of Chief Physician, my goal has been to involve and grow the Caste in order to have a more meaningful roleplay with a need for dependable and active staff.

After no response from Nako, I have removed her from active duty.  She is still a member of the group, however her status board has been removed.

Krathos has left the group without notice and I have also removed him from active duty.

The Infirmary wishes them both the best in their endeavours and welcomes them should they wish to come back home to Varn.

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