What is Gor?

Gor is the Counter-Earth setting for an extended series of sword and planet novels by author and philosophy professor John Norman.

Gor is not a fetish, a lifestyle, or a category of BDSM. Gor, literally, is a fictional planet.

Gor is a caste system society where male dominance and slavery exists.

Gor is an adult theme. In Gor things like sex scenes, rape, slavery, forced enslavement, violence and assassinations are part of Gorean every day live. It is a harsh world and not for the faint hearted. If you are easily upset by such content, then Gor is not for you.

Most Gor regions in Second Life are for those reasons adult rated. To participate in the game, you need to verify your account as being an adult’s account.

I am new to Gor, how do I get started?

We have a Welcome Center called the OOC Room. In this room, you will find plaques on the walls with information on the different castes and factions in Gor.

We also have an extensive library building where you can discover the world of Gor.

Our citizens are very friendly and more then excited in sharing their knowledge.

On our dock (landing point), we have provided an “Observation Tag.” You may wear this tag and explore the sim without any hassles.

Do not be shy, get going. We all made mistakes in the beginning and we still make them. Not a big deal, not the end of the world. Moreover, do not forget what it is all about – having fun!

What is OOC and IC?

OOC simply mean “Out of Character.” Players will go into OOC mode when they are not participating in actual role play. In addition, this means that anything said or done while OOC is not part of the role play.

IC means “In Character.” IC indicates that you are playing a role and others about you may interact with you in character.