Caste of Initiates

~ Caste Color White ~ Members of this caste are supposed to be representatives of the Priest Kings in Gorean society. Their responsibilities include guiding the spiritual life of Goreans by use of rituals and prayers to the Priest Kings. There are rumors that some may even be able to call down the wrath of the Priest Kings upon those who have offended the Priest Kings. They wear white robes, shave their heads as well as their faces. They do not eat meat and do not indulge in alcohol. They lead a celebrate life, are well learned and read. They are often feared and many times distrusted by members of the lower castes.

Caste of Scribes

~ Caste Color Blue ~ Members of this caste are the scholars of Gor. They are the writers and historians of Gorean society. They are responsible for accounting, record-keeping, and writing. They are usually serious and studious, have an eye for detail and a passion for knowledge. There are several sub-castes in this caste which include Mapmakers, Explorers, Magistrates, and Litigators.

Caste of Builders

~ Caste Color Yellow ~ Included in this caste are architects, draftsmen, stonemasons, engineers, and other professions which are concerned with the physical creations and engineering works of Gor. Inventors and technicians who develop these types of physical creations are also included in this caste.

Caste of Physicians

~ Caste Color Green ~ Those who are concerned with the healing arts belong to this caste. Members include, surgeons, apothecaries, medical researchers and health practitioners. They are recognized in all of Gor as non combatants during times of war.

Caste of Warriors

~ Cast Color Scarlet ~ Members of the military such as infantry, tharlarion calvary, and tarnsmen fill this caste. Their set of codes is known to be one of the strictest. This caste comprises the military branch of Gor government.

Lower Castes

Lower Caste_001a

  • CASTE of MERCHANTS: ~ Containing literally hundreds of sub-castes this group is a very large caste. Members of this caste deal with selling and trading of merchandise for a profit. For as many products as there are that are to be sold there are about that many sub castes.
  • CASTE of SLAVERS: ~ This caste deals with the buying and selling of human merchandise. It is a sub caste of the Merchants.
  • CASTE of MONEY LENDERS: ~ This caste is composed of the bankers of Gor. The members of this caste are those who trade and speculate with money for profit. The only product they handle is money.
  • CASTE of BAKERS: ~ This caste consists of hundreds of sub castes. Generally they are members who prepare vegetarian food or sa-tarna in its many forms.
  • CASTE of BUTCHERS: ~ This caste and its many sub-castes concern themselves with the acquisition and preparation of sa-tassna, all forms of edible Gorean meat. In conjunction with the Caste of Bakers, this caste and its many sub castes are responsible for maintaining the majority of the Gorean industries involved with food service.
  • CASTE of WINE MAKERS: ~ The professional production of most fruit based Gorean alcohol is under the auspices of this caste.
    • CASTE of BREWERS: ~ takes care of the production of the grain based alcohols.
  • CASTE of SAILORS: ~ There are several dozen sub-castes in this group. Each sub caste has its own specialty. An example would be the BARGEMEN who steer river barges on the freshwater waterways of Gor.
  • CASTE of FISHERMEN: ~ This caste is a sub caste of the caste of Sailors. They harvest the differing varieties of Gorean fishes and sea life for human consumption. Some sub castes under this would include:
  • CASTE of ARTISANS: ~ This caste is extremely broad. It includes many hundreds of sub castes. Any production of hand-made goods for any use, is considered to be a work of art.
    • CASTE of ROPE MAKERS: ~ Sub caste of Artisans that produces rope, binding fiber, thread and cordage of all types.
    • CASTE of LEATHER WORKERS: ~ Sub caste of the Artisan Caste, deals with the fabrication of various leather goods from animal hides of all kinds.
  • CASTE of POT MAKERS: ~ This caste is a sub caste of the Caste of Artisans. They produce vessels used to contain substances of all kinds.
  • CASTE of SADDLE MAKERS: ~ This skilled craftsperson makes saddles for any of the beast of burden in Gor and not limited to tarns or thalarions.
  • CASTE of METAL WORKERS: ~ A sub caste of Artisans they are concerned with the production of most metal items made on Gor. Some of the sub castes under this one would include:
    • ARMORERS, and those that work with blacksmithing or farrier work repairing wagon wheels and shoeing Gorean draft and riding animals.
  • CASTE of CLOTH WORKERS: ~ Another large and expansive caste, this group contains many sub castes. They are concerned with the professional production of woven cloth for use by the people of Gor.
    • CASTE of RUG MAKERS: ~ This group is a sub caste of the Caste of Cloth Workers. They produce woven rugs for general use. Members of this caste see themselves as independent from the Caste of Cloth Workers.
    • CASTE of WEAVERS: ~ Sub caste of the Rug Makers. Concerned with the professional production of textiles for the textile industry.
      • CASTE of CARDERS: ~ Sub caste of the caste of Weavers. They produce woven cloth for the textile industry.
      • CASTE of DRYERS: ~ This sub caste of Weavers deals with the staining and coloring of cloth for the textile industry.
      • CASTE of CLOTHIERS: ~ Another sub caste of the Caste of Weavers, they produce articles of clothing for the Gorean people.
      • CASTE of DRESS MAKERS: ~ Sub caste of Weavers which makes feminine clothing.
  • CASTE of TORTURERS: ~ Found only among the Wagon People of the far south they are considered to be a sub caste of the caste of Artisans. An assumption may be made that those of the Wagon Peoples consider the application of Torture as an art form.