Art Fair Contest Details

Residents of Varn,  Here are the details about the Art Contents at the Merchant Fair. As you know from my other notice, he Oasis of Two Scimitars is hosting the first annual Merchant’s Fair, Sat, Feb 3rd to Sun, Feb 4th, from 12 noon until 3pm (SLT) both days.

This is an in-character role-play event, and will be a wonderful opportunity to discover new markets and network with Merchants from foreign cities.

Let’s enjoy this wonderful event this coming weekend!
Ambassador Damian Knight


Sunday, February 4th, 2018, 2pm SLT
Sponsored by Head Merchant, Alex Brandon (AlexBrandon)
Art Display & Fair location:


– 1st place – 2000L, plus your art work will remain displayed in the Scimitar gallery after the fair has ended.
– 2nd place – 1000L


– Contest is open to anyone who RPs in Gor, free and slave alike.
– Attendance at the Merchant Fair is not required to win.


– Each entrant may enter up to three pieces of art.
– By submitting art to this contest, you are authorizing Two Scimitars representatives to reproduce and display your art in art showings, museum displays, group notices, periodicals, and promotional materials. Submitting your art does not guarantee it will be displayed.
– Art must not disparage any person, character, organization, sim, group, or other entity. Art that is deemed hateful, disrespectful, or disparaging will be disqualified and will not be displayed at the fair.
– Art may not include text of any kind, not even the artist’s signature.
– Theme can be anything that is appropriate for Gor: landscapes, still lifes, portraits, abstract art, etc. Depictions of airplanes, zippers, cell phones, or anything else that would not be seen in the world of Gor will result in automatic disqualification.
– Art may include SL photos, creatively enhanced photos or collages, scanned drawings, digital art, etc. Art must be original work of the person submitting it. Digital art and collages that incorporate bits and pieces of textures from other sources are allowed so long as the work does not violate copyrights or trademarks. If you have questions about fair use laws for collages, see this website:
– Art will be displayed anonymously, with number designations, until after the contest ends. It is against the rules to publicly reveal the artist’s name or identity.


– Submission deadline is noon, February 2nd, 2018.
– Embed the texture on a notecard that includes the title of the piece, your display name, your SL name (log-in name), and your home sim.
– Art must be a full-permissions texture that we can apply to a prim to display at the fair. Any size ratio is acceptable, and we will do our best to display it without distortion. If you wish to request that we display it at a specific aspect ratio, such as 4:3, you may make note of this on the notecard you submit.
– IM the notecard with the embedded texture to one of the following people:
Ashur Solomon (SirDraconis Resident)
Jaxon Todd (jaxontodd Resident)


– Sunday February 4th, starting at 2:15pm, Dashi will announce that voting for the art contest is open, and will give instructions for placing votes.
– Fair attendees may vote for their favorite piece. The piece with the most votes wins.
– Contest entrants may vote for themselves others – one vote per person.
– Dashi will announce the winner at about 3:00pm, same day.
– No soliciting votes for your artwork. Vote soliciting with result in disqualification.

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