Varn Happenings

Citizens and slaves mill about the city taking part in various activities. A new slaver is named. Welcome aboard Enkidu (gzuzen Resident) top left and right picture on the docks with Master Ember and bandit (Hisense Criss). Boris Venom sports a new look, looking mighty sexy in blond locks and a smooth mesh body. Commander Titus (Robert Stoanes) takes a break form all the action fishing at the lower dock trying to catch the big one. Meanwhile Kreg Ember (Kreg Skytower) corrals Galeazzo (NoButNoIf Resident) and Tarzan Nubalo to dance and serve in the Bruised Bottom Tavern. Tonight at 9 PM SLT Gorian Whip Radio will be hosting a dance in the Market Square, just inside the main gates. The event will be hosted by ɪᴏ Mσσηcнєєкѕ (Iolanthe Godenot).


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